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Yehuda Yardeni
Co-Director & Creative Director
Yehuda Yardeni is Co-Director and Creative Director at Yardeni Group.

Directly after graduating from high school, Yehuda received a mentorship and employment at one of the top Advertising Agencies in the US called Zimmerman.
For the next 5 years Yehuda was mentored by Zevin Auerbach, one of the the partners at the agency and one of the top creative directors in North America.

He was mentored in business strategy, creative copywriting, market research, media buying and media relations.
Yehuda actively assisted on clients such as: Papa Johns, Office Depot, Autonation, Party City, Lennar and Tire Kingdom to mention a few.

Since then, Yehuda has delved into the world of investor networking, consulting for private and public clients.

Yehuda spends his spare time building/researching computers, reading business strategy, studying in programing school and practices spirituality.

Mark Swartz
Chief Procurement Officer
Mark Swartz is the Chief Procurement Officer at Yardeni Group.

Mark is an expert networker, procurement leader and consultant.

After delivering successfully in a variety of industries ranging from Urgent Care to Commercial Insurance, Mark has developed a holistic view of procurement focused on realizing auditable savings.

He uses a blend of data driven analysis, proven sourcing processes, defined negotiation strategies and an understanding of motivation to deliver results and help you surpass your goals.

Mark Graduated from SMU with a BA in Advertising.

Ilya Rodin
Director of Web Developement
Ilya Rodin is the Director of Web Development at Yardeni Group.

He worked as head of marketing at a major development company and chief operating officer of one of CoMagic's major Telecom market players.

Ilya has more than 10 years of experience in digital project management at varying degrees of complexity.

Very good experience of specialization in web development. He managed the implementation of more than 20 projects.

He graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University.

He is fond of travelling by car and tracking.

Aliev Andrey
Creative Director
Aliev Andrey is a Creative Director at Yardeni Group.

He lives in Russia and has been engaged in graphic design for more than 10 years.

He has worked on projects in various fields of business: trade, engineering, fashion, food, banks and sports.

He specializes in developing logos, corporate identity, image for advertising companies, web design, labels, magazines, books, packaging for goods.
John Daring
Head of Distribution
John Daring is currently an Associate of Yardeni Group and the Head of Distribution.

He graduated from NYU. Prior to opening his company - J&M Distribution, John worked at The Opium Group Miami as Head of Distribution.

John opened his company to help businesses grow and experience his clients' visions and ideas. His motto in life is "Believe in what you do, doing business without marketing is like taking a shot in the dark, you know what you're doing but nobody else does."
He specializes in flyer distribution, brand management and brand development.

John spends his spare time brainstorming ideas for his clients, and being grateful and humble about life.

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